Francisco Coll, the Managing Director of Laboratoires Quinton, was invited to the international Water Conference to share the Marine Therapy with all the specialists.

From the 6th to the 9th of October the annual edition of the International Water Conference was held in Bulgaria. International specialists in physics, chemistry and biology of water attend this congress. Francisco Javier Coll, the Managing Director of Laboratoires Quinton, was invited by the organisation’s committee to give a talk about the history and the current research on Marine Therapy. Leading figures come to this congress each year such as the winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine Luc Montagnier, Gerald Pollack, professor at Washington University, Konstantin Korotkov from Saint Petersburg University and Yasuyuki Nemoto. Francisco Javier Coll gave an update on Marine Therapy, he talked about the latest studies carried out by the Doctors Juan Carlos Colado, Roberto Lacava and A.N Khokhlov and he gave a special mention to the studies carried out by Dr. Sempere, professor of immunology at Alicante University. Through his studies he proves that the Quinton Isotonic® solution is an excellent cell culture medium, because the mononuclear cells (lymphocytes and monocytes) cultivated in vitro in this medium preserve their morphology and viability. However, the most important finding of Professor Sempere has been that Quinton Isotonic® behaves in a similar way to the cell culture solution par excellence, RPMI, in terms of the cell aggregation, proliferation and activation in the culture when they are stimulated by standard substances. Nevertheless, it surpasses this culture solution insofar as it can activate the cells itself in culture mediums without stimulation, which does not occur with the RPMI. This would mean that Quinton Isotonic® is an immunomodulator. This  immunomodulatory potential would explain the extensive immunomodulatory activities of Quinton Isotonic®, in different pathological processes, as demonstrated over the last century in the work of Quinton, Dr. Jarricot and Dr. Gautrelet to name but a few. With this historical overview of the clinical evidence in Marine Therapy, Francisco Javier Coll ended his talk at the Water Conference. Here is a video of the whole speech by Francisco Javier Coll. Enjoy!