Laboratory History

We've Been Bringing Marine Therapy to People for Over a Century

  • 1897

    Quinton's First Experiments and Theories

    René Quinton's theory of the marine origin of life appealed to Etienne Jules Marey, physiologist and professor of natural history at the "Collège de France." Etienne made Quinton his personal advisor and provided him with a laboratory.

  • 1904

    Publication of "L'eau de mer, milieu organique"

    Quinton publishes his major work, in which he presents the fundamentals of Marine Therapy and scientifically demonstrates the healing qualities of seawater.

  • 1905

    Opening of First Lab

    René Quinton sets up his own laboratory in which he sterilizes seawater, producing "Quinton's plasma", an isotonic serum with a concentration of 9 g/L. The product is brought to market.

  • 1907

    Opening of the First Dispensary

    At a small shop in Paris, hundreds of mothers line up to treat their children, giving out more than 300 injections a day. This is the first of many dispensaries opened in France, culminating with a dispensary in Lyon in 1913.

  • 1912

    Launching of Duplase de Quinton

    Research resulted in the creation of a hypertonic solution, made by combining seawater with our isotonic serum, which reduced the amount of injections needed. This improved patients' results without there being any recorded incidents.

  • 1925

    René Quinton Passes Away

    After a life dedicated to research and the application of his Law of Marine Constancy, René Quinton died in Paris at the age of 58. French dignitaries and a crowd paid their respects at a state funeral.

  • 1943

    Entrance into the French Healthcare System

    With the creation of the French Social Security System (Système de Santé), both the Plasma and the Duplase de Quinton are registered in the French healthcare system and reimbursable until 1982 as drinkable, injectable and topical medicines.

  • 1993

    Losing Marketing Authorization

    Following regulatory changes in Europe, Plasma de Quinton and Duplase lose the AMM (Marketing Authorization) after more than 80 years on the market, as the laboratories couldn't be adapted at the time.

  • 1994

    The First Quinton Nasal Sprays

    Research on the properties of seawater led to the possibility of new uses, resulting in the first nasal sprays.

  • 1996

    The Rebirth of Quinton

    Thanks to Spanish entrepreneur Joan Miquel Coll's acquisition of the patent developed by Quinton, studies return to normal and new laboratories are opened in Alicante.

  • 2000

    Launching of our Dermatological Spray

    Under the new management, continuous advances are made by R&D, which result in the launch of the first dermatological spray made from seawater.

  • 2009

    Inauguration of our New Facilities

    Quinton's continuous growth leads the management team to move the laboratory to modern and larger facilities in Cox (Alicante), where our current headquarters are located.

  • 2010

    The René Quinton Foundation is Established

    Driven by Joan Miquel Coll's efforts, the René Quinton Foundation was born. It's focused on promoting Marine Therapy research and dissemination, as well as promoting research into the therapeutic properties of seawater.

  • 2011

    Launching of the First Eye Spray

    As a result of our commitment to research, we launched the first seawater eye spray on the market. Later, in 2019, ophthalmology experts from the University of Valencia confirm its effectiveness in the symptomatic treatment of eye conditions such as dry eye.

  • 2015

    Quinton Recognized as the 2nd Best SME in Spain

    Thanks to their work methodology and responsibility towards everyone, Quinton wins the GPTW distinction as the 2nd best Spanish SME to work for, demonstrating that growth is supported from within.


    Growing from Within

    Since its beginnings, Quinton Laboratories has supported sustainable growth and provided on-going support to all those involved with the company, whether they are employees or customers. This has allowed the company to win various HR and CSR awards.