Quinton Medical

Quinton Medical
Quinton Medical

Our innovative range of health and food supplements adapted for practical uses. Designed to approach health in a comprehensive manner.

Innovation at work with Marine Therapy to achieve optimal health

Quinton Medical products are the result of work carried out by our biotechnological laboratory alongside different university centers, who together continue to develop the exceptional legacy of René Quinton: Marine Therapy.

Thanks to this commitment to R&D, we continue to discover new possible therapeutic uses for seawater in dermatology (atopic dermatitis), the respiratory system (allergic rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis, sinusitis and flu), ophthalmology (dry eye syndrome) and cellular nutrition.

Quinton Medical Product Line

Seawater Ampoules
Probiotics with seawater
Seawater Sprays

Health accreditations and certifications that guarantee the quality of Quinton Medical products