About us

We are an organization committed to quality, excellence, respect for the environment, social commitment, and a healthy work-life balance for employees.

Our philosophy and ethos

Continuing the legacy of Rene Quinton's Marine Therapy requires the best advances in technology and a great team.

The combination of these two factors assures that, day after day, our organization develops products that have passed the most extensive control protocols and are maintained in optimal production and storage conditions. In fact, Quinton is the only company dedicated to developing seawater products which holds official documentation that guarantees the company’s research, processes and credibility.


We are the first biotechnology company to offer natural seawater-based products for health and well-being.


Thanks to our experience and our most advanced technologies, we are able to develop marine solutions of the highest quality and safety for natural healthcare and well-being.


Full Responsibility and Transparency.
Innovation and Progress.
Humanity and Happiness.

The most advanced facilities, with healthcare at the forefront

Our team