Marine Therapy

Quinton's Marine Therapy involves the use of seawater, which has followed a specific manufacturing protocol known as AQP for different therapeutic purposes.

Improving the health of many

Numerous studies attest that seawater is essential for the proper maintenance of the hydromineral balance of cells, as it contains all minerals necessary for their proper functioning.

Thanks to the ionic bioavailability of these elements, it is possible to replenish any mineral deficiency. Seawater produces two types of actions, one of a centrifugal type, which activates the body's elimination processes through a totally natural detoxification (Quinton's plasma) and another of a centripetal type, for disrupted metabolic assimilation processes or those in a state of deficiency (Quinton's Duplase). Thus, seawater, which has undergone cold-microfiltration, acts as a basic polyvalent nutrient for our bodies.

Our manufacturing protocol (AQP) is the only method that guarantees the bioavailability of up to 78 elements from Mendeleev's periodic table.

We rigorously adhere to all the guidelines determined by René Quinton during the production process of seawater products. This process called the Advanced Quinton Protocol, consists of 3 phases:

  1. To start with, we carefully choose our extraction point. To do this, we analyze phytoplactonic vortexes, which are oceanic zones with a high mineral content, via satellite.
  2. When the seawater arrives to our facilities, we perform cold microfiltration in completely aseptic conditions, in accordance with European Pharmacopoeia guidelines (a clean room). In this way, we rid the seawater of any type of impurity and contaminating agent, keeping the physical-chemical qualities and organic matter (such as vitamins, amino acids and enzymes) naturally present in the seawater completely intact.
  3. Isotonization: We carry out a dilution of the seawater, already microfiltered with spring water, to reduce its concentration and obtain an isotonic solution which we adjust according to its final intended use.

Quality Accreditations and Certifications

During our production process, we meticulously adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), as well as the requirements of ISO quality management systems (9001, 14001 and 13485), and Halal and V-Label certifications.