René Quinton

Who was René Quinton?

René Quinton, a French biologist and physiologist, revolutionized the scientific paradigms of his time.

Quinton based his scientific theory on a universal premise which made up his basic therapies: to rebuild damaged cells by means of seawater.

Quinton discovered that seawater has a similar chemical composition to blood plasma.

In 1904, René Quinton's major work, "L'Eau de Mer, milieu organique" was published. In this work, he laid out the foundations of Marine Therapy.

In 1905, he set up his own laboratory, where he sterilized seawater and began producing "Plasma de Quinton", which was the beginning of our organization as we know it today.

Later on, in 1906, he opened his first Marine Dispensary in Paris, helping thousands of people of all ages to regain an optimal state of health thanks to his seawater mixtures.

Collaboration with the René Quinton Foundation

At Quinton we actively collaborate with René Quinton Foundation initiatives to protect the work and discoveries made by our founder.

Our team participates and promotes research focused on seawater and its applications in different areas of health.


We also promote the spread of information about Marine Therapy among the medical and scientific community through Seminars. SEE SEMINARS