Throughout the production and packaging process of the Laboratoires Quinton products, our raw material undergoes physical, physicochemical and biological tests. Altogether more than 100 parameters are checked to guarantee the maximum quality and safety for the consumption and use of Quinton Plasma and its derivatives.

According to our colleague Paula Llopis, Quality Control Manager: “This is how we guarantee the composition of the salts, minerals and other elements that give the Quinton products properties that benefit our health, which are present in exactly the right amounts”.

To this end, at our laboratory we use the protocols and recommendations from institutions such as the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and the AECOSAN (the Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition), along with other specific tests, which is how we guarantee that there are no contaminants such as heavy metals, petroleum by-products, pesticides, radioactivity and pathogenic agents.

It is worth pointing out that our pharmaceutical production unit complies with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, the GMPs for Dietary Supplements of the FDA and the GMP for Cosmetics (ISO 22716).

The importance of the cold microfiltration in the production processes of Laboratoires Quinton.

During the whole production and packaging process, the Quinton seawater is monitored closely to make sure all its original properties are preserved using cold microfiltration techniques, based on the European Pharmacopoeia, and then it is kept in clean rooms for its subsequent preparation in accordance with the original protocol of René Quinton.

Our production processes begin with the harvesting of the seawater in very specific points of the ocean, called the Vortex, which are rich in phytoplankton and this gives our raw material unique properties that are essential for the therapeutic uses of the products by Laboratoires Quinton. Once the seawater has been harvested, it is then stored and transported back to the laboratory at low temperatures in special containers.

Once it arrives at our facilities in Cox (Alicante), the raw material undergoes different tests and special attention is paid to the materials that are going to come into contact with the seawater. Glass ampoules, sprays and other components are chosen according to criteria that satisfy the quality requirements established by the different international standards to guarantee the users’ safety.

The same happens with the different processes that are involved in the production, the packaging and the subsequent quality controls, which are certified by both the Health Authorities and by the independent test organizations.

Many of these parameters were defined by René Quinton himself, who was the creator of the Quinton plasma and he is considered to be the father of Marine Therapy. Over the years however, other parameters have been incorporated pursuant to the different standards and principles of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

“The objective of the whole quality control process is to preserve this ion identity between the extracellular fluid of the human body and Quinton Plasma, thus ensuring the immediate bioavailability of its elements”, states our Quality Control Manager.